Wall Decal - Sitting Buddha

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Buddha is a Sanskrit word that means “the awakened one.” It can refer to the historical Buddha Shakyamun, an Indian prince that gave up his throne, riches and lavish lifestyle to look for true meaning and happiness in life, or to anyone who has attained full enlightenment.
A Buddha is a person who has awakened from the sleep of ignorance and has removed all obstructions from his mind. A Buddha’s compassion, wisdom, and power are completely beyond conception. With nothing left to obscure his mind, he sees all phenomena throughout the universe as clearly as he sees a jewel held in the palm of his hand. Through the force of his or her compassion, a Buddha spontaneously does whatever is appropriate to benefit others without judgement. Just as the sun does not need to motivate itself to radiate light and heat but does so simply because light and heat are its very nature, so a Buddha does not need to motivate himself to benefit others but does so simply because being beneficial is his very nature.
  • Vinyl material
  • Removable
  • Sizes:
    • 16.5" x 26.4" (42cm x 67cm)
    • 22" x 35" (56cm x 89cm)
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