Buddhist Offering Bowls

  • $34.95

In Buddhism, an offering is for the benefit of the practitioner and all beings, not for the benefit of the Buddha or Enlightened Being. Offerings should be obtainable without any difficulty. In fact, what is offered should not take away from others. If one wishes to offer precious gems, gold, money we don’t have, or even just fine foods — but he has have to borrow, steal, or lie to obtain them —  this runs counter to the principles of Buddhist offerings.  For this reason, water, the most plentiful substance in most areas, is often the chosen offering. It is pure, clean, plentiful — not requiring us to hurt others to give it — and it is symbolic of purity.

  • Buddhist Offering Bowls
  • Set of 8
  • Each bowl is approximately 5cm high x 8.5cm wide
  • Crafted in China
  • Free Shipping

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