Peacock Feather Pillow Covers

  • $12.95

The Peacock has been linked to Kuan Yin, the deity that is considered by some to be the creator of the beautiful colors of the Peacock’s signature tail feathers. Legend tells us Kuan Yin could have been immortal but stayed as a human because she wished to aid humanity in their spiritual evolution. Kuan Yin taught people, through her own compassionate spirit, to live together as friends. When she decided to go to the heavens she appointed a guardian to keep the earth peaceful. She called to her a bird, with dull brown feathers. She rubbed her face and brushed her hands down the length of its feathers, which created a kaleidoscope of colors and beautiful eyes on the end of each long feather. The Peacock feathers remind us that Kuan Yin is compassionately watching over us.

  • 200 Thread Count
  • Linen/Cotton
  • 17.7" x 17.7" (45 x 45 cm)
  • Pillow insert not included
  • Free Shipping, estimated delivery time is 2-3 weeks